MicroCombiChem GmbH

Innovative Research Compounds & Analytics
for Pharmaceutical R&D
Customized Substances & Services

MicroCombiChem GmbH provides complex tailored MedChem synthesis and services for drug-like compounds for pharmaceutical, chemical & agrochemical R&D from mg to multi-gram amounts.

Screening libraries, plant ingredients, natural compound derivatives and further rare chemicals are produced by state-of-the-art chemistry and preparation methods. The compound libraries are developed and synthesized by applying defined parallel syntheses from combinatorial chemistry methods.

The production is performed in small scales (milligram to gram) with possible upscaling to kilograms in cooperation with partners on-site. HPLC-MS/NMR is a standard feature for the analytics, while the services include custom synthesis and preparation of the samples according to the customer's request.

Main Strengths & Services:

• Complex Synthesis in the field of Carbohydrates, Nucleosides and Heterocycles
• Advanced Screening Compound Synthesis on solid an liquid phase, including natural derived entities
• Preparative HPLC-MS separation of Impurities, followed by structure elucidation and synthesis
• Chiral Separation, also in bulk amounts
• Structural NMR Studies, MALDI-TOF, HR-MS
• Application of Chemoinformatical Tools and AI in Drug-Discovery
• Enzymatic Synthesis

Our Special Experiences are:

 Compounds, Synthesis, Separation, Work-Ups and Innovative Solutions
  • for Pharmaceutical Research
  • for Agro-chemical Research (Impurities of Plant Protection Chemicals )
  • for Cosmetical Research, cosmetical emulsions and formulations
  • for Natural Compounds and Extraction from raw materials

HPLC-MS-Analytics, Preparative HPLC-MS, Preparative Chiral Separation and Structure Elucidation

Furthermore, we are offering HPLC-MS analytics, Preparative HPLC-MS, Preparative Chiral Separation and Structure Elucidation of complex sample components ('identification of unknown impurities').

Location and Infrastructure

  • iNovaParc Halsenbach, Germany: Headquarter, Research, Analytics, Development
  • Industrial Park 'Kalle-Albert' Wiesbaden, Germany, Bldg.E512: Development, Up-Scaling
  • Industrial Park 'Höchst' Frankfurt, Germany, at Synpura GmbH, Bldg.G830: NMR-Analytics, GMP-conform Services

Highest Quality and Competitive Price-Performance Ratio!

  • We supply high-quality compounds and services, both at world-wide competitive prices.
  • Our quality is based on competence and experience obtained from many years being in industrial pharmaceutical and agrochemical research.
  • All our compounds are provided with HPLC-MS / H-NMR analytics as standard feature.
  • Confidentiality on all projects is taken for granted.